Thanos is a supervillain from Avengers: Infinity War portrayed by Josh Brolin.


Thanos, also known as the Dark Lord by his most loyal underlings and the Mad Titan by the galactic communities, is a powerful, cosmic warlord who rules over a distant region of space and commands a massive army known as the Chitauri. His main objective is to obtain the Infinity Stones, and his desire to achieve this goal is what led him to forging deals with the villains Loki and Ronan the Accuser in their respective campaigns against Earth and Xandar. Both of these alliances cost Thanos much of his resources, including one of the stones, his servant The Other, and the loyalty of his two daughters, Gamora and Nebula, and also inadvertently resulted in the formation of the superhero groups the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Eventually, he lost his patience with his servants and opted to seek out the Stones personally.

Powers and Abilities

Thanos has not yet demonstrated any of his powers at this point. However, it is conceivable that he is extremely powerful, able to strike fear into an Asgardian like Loki and a Kree like Ronan the Accuser, and command the Chitauri army unchallenged. When Ronan the Accuser was about to betray Thanos and use the Orb for himself, his servant, Korath fearfully stated that Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe. Ronan, however, ignored Korath's advice and was confident that he could kill Thanos with the power of the Orb. Nevertheless, Thanos displayed no signs of concern after Ronan threatened him.

  • Master Manipulator: Without leaving his throne, Thanos ultimately caused both the Chitauri Invasion and the Battle of Xandar.



  • The Avengers (End Credits Scene)
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  • Avengers: Infinity War