Star-Lord is a character appeared in Avengers: Infinity War portrayed by Chris Pratt.


Peter Jason Quill is a half-human, half-Celestial who was abducted by the Ravagers. After his abduction, he began building fame as the legendary outlaw Star-Lord, eventually becoming the founder and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Deciding to leave the Ravagers, he stole the Orb, unintentionally becoming a part of the Quest for the Orb. During the Quest, he formed an uneasy alliance with Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, and helped stop Ronan the Accuser from destroying Xandar. After the Battle of Xandar, he left with the other Guardians to do "a little bit of bad and a little bit of good".

A few months later, he and the other Guardians were hired by Ayesha and the Sovereign to defend interdimensional batteries from an Abilisk. Quill later met his father Ego after the latter saved the Guardians. After it was revealed that Ego was responsible for his mother's death, Quill teamed up with the Guardians to stop his father from destroying the universe. After killing Ego, Quill continued to lead the Guardians of the Galaxy.