Spider-Man Suit is a suit used by Spider-Man.


The Homemade Spider-Man Suit

SMH Trailer2 51

Spider-Man in his homemade suit.

After Peter Parker got his spider-like abilities and powers, he created a homemade suit to fight crime as the friendly neighborhood named "Spider-Man". This became the first time Parker became viral on Youtube  as Spider-Man.

The Upgraded Spider-Man Suit

Ned Leeds to Parker
Spider-Man Civil War Trailer (1)

Spider-Man in his upgraded suit.

When Peter met Tony Stark who is also known as "Iron Man", Tony upgraded the Spider-Man suit. The suit includes an upgraded web shooter, a GPS tracking system, impressive moving eyes, a pair of wings made out of webs, and a flying drone attached to the spider emblem on the torso of the Spider-Man Suit known as the Spider-Drone.

Behind the Scenes


Tom Holland wearing the unfinished model of the suit on the set of Captain America: Civil War.

In Captain America: Civil War, the suit was fully made out of CGI because of its unfinished model for the suit. It was wore by Tom Holland.

Later in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the suit is now officially used for the movie itself for its finished model unlike the Civil War version.